Lenders Representative

Due Diligence someone once said “Trust but Verify .  Our clients need assurance that their money is being spent wisely.

Quick to respond to unforeseeable problems, our consultants are well versed in constructive issue resolution. So, our clients or their Investors have assurance that their project gets completed with implementing day-to-day running strategies which contribute to cost savings

Pre-Construction Services

Ensure that the quality standards are defined, agreed upon and communicated within the project team. Project team allocate responsibility establish system of controls for designers, contractors and professional services. This reduces CHANGE ORDERS here at Twig-Con we believe there is no substitute to Pre-Construction. We understand that all projects will have a certain amount of Change Orders. Here at Twig-Con we help determine if the Change Orders are architecturally driven, design driven, or owner driven. Our team handles all aspects of the change order and keeps all architectural drawings of the projects to make sure the Change Orders are correct and valid. 

Project Control/Cost Management

When complexity is reduced Projects run more smoothly with our performance management and reporting our clients can always see the big picture without losing sight of the critical detail. Twig-Con help clients unlock additional value from there projects and property assets so they how they can maximize capital investment from their assets.

We provide impartial advice with unparalleled insight across all sectors of the project and keeping to the true numbers helps clients maximize return on investment TRANSPARENT BENEFITS TO STAKEHOLDERS. 

Feasibility Studies

As independent advisers TwigCon appraise all aspects of the project with a unbiased view and defines the outcomes and returns that give stakeholders the confidence and assurance to invest. Successful risk management requires proactive identification here at Twig-Con with help producing strategies to help clients assess and manage risk at the earliest possible stage. Twig-Con Accurate information is key to making the best use of your assets 

Architecture and Engineering

Comprehensive architectural & engineering services provides a complete A/E design, master planning, 3D modelling and working drawings which are feasible and sustainable. 

Value Engineering & Development Stratergy

Budgets, allows clients to value engineer their spending and make more informed decisions on their projects Relying on contractors to create estimates can cause conflicts of interest for the contractor. Manage the risks inherent in the project, Twig-Con team assisting to identify the risks at the earliest possible stage. Twig-Con  helps Achieving best value requires informed planning.  Our Twig-Con consultants provide an independent perspective on managing your property and developing strategies that maximize returns. 

Code Consultation -to- Building Compliance

TwigCon from Permits to Sign-Off Special Inspections Zoning Codes with bring in all the Outsource Consultants that may be needed for all Dedicated Approvals.

TwigCon he ability to maneuver through city agency strata and keep projects on schedule. Here at TwigCon, we locate the City and/or Country team of code savants who understand the nuances of Building and Zoning Code.

Strategic Planning

With optimize performance of asset with information communication technology that results in real savings Twig- Con provides guides the client in selecting the most suitable contractors & professional services. We can then manage the entire construction process, providing informed advice and direction We believe in “best in class,” that deliver project improvements for our clients so they can realistically achieve within defined parameters 

Auditing & Construction Management

 We  provide quantifiable bench-marking systems are invaluable to a project so measurable data enables informed decision making helping clients manage risk, control costs and make quick decisions. Many contractors don't include issues with local planning authorities, types of insurance, and sundry other aspects of construction which leads to inaccurate estimates of time lines and coast. 

Quality Management

TwigCon provide clients a peace of mind that construction activity is being delivered to the highest standards Twig-Con can provide certainty about costs, time and liabilities based on the big picture.

Expert Witness & litigation Services

Here at TwigCon As independent advisors we’re an excellent source of the impartial advice needed to solve disputes, that’s why we have been called in many to help in Court litigation to Resolving disputes quickly and effectively avoids costly delays and damaged reputations. We also have a team of expert witnesses experienced at dealing with cross-examination.


TwigCon has the latest market intelligence, with that access it offers our clients impartial advice on what represents best value for their money. That’s what happens with the right procurement methodology.