At TwigCon, we help to reduce costs and produce effective, measured results.

TwigCon is a leading global Engineering / Property / Construction consultancy.


At TwigCon, we help to reduce costs and produce effective, measured results.

TwigCon is a leading global Engineering / Property / Construction consultancy.


Our Experience


TwigCon with over 75-years of combined experience providing organizations and individual clients with the essential engineering expertise necessary to serve there needs, 

Our ability to not only design efficient and easy to use systems, but to help you jump through the regulatory hoops, keep you in compliance with all regulations, obtain funding while addressing funding requirement, and manage the construction process, will smooth the complex path to the completion of your project. 

You will breathe easier knowing that TWIG Consulting Engineers (MEPs) and Shaw Engineering (Civil)  is on your team.

Whether serving the CEO of a multi-national corporation or a local client, TwigCon uses the highest level of expertise to support private enterprises in building dreams. 

When you choose TwigCon as part of your team, you’ve chosen a partner that has your back from start to finish. We are as invested in the success of your project as you are. We will not only design you the most efficient and effective system possible, but we’ll be there to support you in putting all the pieces of your project together from the permitting and approval processes to construction management.

As the lead project professional on a project, the buck stops with us. The professionals we choose to work with can make or break a project. 

When you have a project that needs an engineer, and you are looking for a partner you can trust, you know that Twig-Con will perform for you as if our name was up front. 

We are excited to partner with other firms that are as invested in quality and excellence as we are. Building lasting relationships is why we are a success in our industry. 

We strive to be the experts, the experts you trust.

Vision and Values


We combine professionalism with personality”

“We are realistic and we deal with real people helps us tell it straight”

Being a successful consultancy means dealing with real people, this helps us tell it straight in times that may be challenging. Being human also means we recognize that it’s easier to produce our best work if we have close relationships with our clients.

“No-one combines professionalism with Personality in their Consultancy Project quite like TwigCon ”


“Being real is a big Part”

From day one all the way through the ribbon cutting, we put your interests ahead of ours. We avoid “surprises.” We are proactive construction experts. We think through issues before they become issues.

Expertise & Experience make a genuine difference to projects. We are prepared to look outside of the norm to find the perfect solutions .

Our clients trust us to do a great job. In turn, we’re able to deliver on exciting projects

We make it easier for our team members to concentrate on their own role. In short, because everyone  plays their part.

That’s how we build  strong and trusted teams.

Why Us?


TwigCon is a world-class independent engineering, sustainable, property and construction consultancy with more than 75 years of combined experience.

Our vision is to create a business that attracts the very best clients, projects and people in the industry.

At Twigcon, we believe business development is the cornerstone to success. We utilize our experience, our wide array of contacts, and our vast network to help make you successful.

We identify opportunities, present you those opportunities, and get our clients in front of the right people to help them maximize those opportunities to the owner/client's  benefit.

To ensure we stay focused on your project, we specialize on local, national and global infrastructure projects.  

Whether business development, funding, engineering, permits, policy, or procurement, we help open doors, build reputations, and shape public policy for businesses like yours.

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